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SAT contacts and eQSL (And LOTW)

Hello Jay, 
I dread getting into this discussion because it will cause an 
avalanche of e-mail! 

First of all,  E-QSL's  don't count for any meaningful awards. 
Too bad.  It would be nice if they did.
I still upload my logs every month faithfully year after year. 

LOTW confirmations DO count for DXCC and WAS.

I spent a lot of time figuring out what it took to get satellite 
QSO's uploaded that actually were correct. 

I don't know how many log programs actually export all the correct
required info for satellite contacts.  My program does not, so what I've
been doing is this:  Exporting the non-satellite contacts and satellite
separately.  This way I can massage the ADIF file to make the satellite 
contacts correct for LOTW and E-QSL.

Satellite contacts need to have some additional information: 
1. The  "band" or "freq"  should be the UPLINK frequency (your transmit).
2. Then you need "band_rx"  <band_rx:4>70CM, for instance.
3. Then you need "sat_name"  <sat_name:5>AO-51 for instance.
4. Then you need "prop_mode"  <prop_mode:3>SAT  for instance

Any contacts that match all the correct info will be confirmed as

These changes in the ADIF  file are not hard to do unless you operate on
a lot 
of different satellites then you have to do them in bunches.   Recently
all of my 
Sat QSO's are on mode J "V/U"  so I just have to do a wholesale "add in"
of the
"band_rx" and "prop_mode" part on every QSO.

When I log the QSO's in the computer I put the sat name  in the "comment"
So when editing I do a wholesale change (search & replace)  "comment"  to

Not a big job, and it makes things work.  I've got a few countries
confirmed on 
LOTW for satellite QSO's but I have a feeling there are a lot of folks
that uploaded
their stuff without the required info, so the confirmations don't happen.

And I get a ton of  "70CM" and "2M"  FM   E-QSL's which I know are not

Also, I went and exported all the AO-40 QSO's, fixed the file up, sent it
in to LOTW 
and don't think I got a single confirmation on any of it.  Too bad again!

Does this help ? 

John, K6YK
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