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Hi John,

Currently, AO-51 will digipeat whenever the BBS is open for use on L/U. As far as I know only a few stations in Japan have utilized it so far. Before we discovered the interference issues involving the V band digital uplink receiver, it was available on V/U for some time.

As far as the other satellites you mentioned, ISS does make it to your latitude, just not very high. If I read my map right and Frei Island is nearabouts gridsquare JP33, you get passes of up to 9 degrees. That may or may not work for you if you have mountains or obstructions to the south.

Pacsat is also known as AO-16 and while it does come right over your QTH it does not support digipeating any longer, as it is a voice only satellite now.

AO-27 is also voice only, but isn't on very long at your latitude.

GO-32 supports APRS, is in a nice polar orbit, and has a pretty hefty 9600 baud signal. It is also in this mode continuously. I think GO-32 might be your best bet for APRS from your QTH.

73, Drew KO4MA

  Hello Drew,
                   Frei Island is located out of the footprint of the ISS, Pacsat, and AO-27 is invariably switched off by the time it gets up here ... therefore, the APRS mode has never been a viable propasition for me.

  I was just reading Bob's WB4APR many web pages re: APRS and he refers to ECHO (now AO-51) frequently ... mentioning the APRS system.

  I can't recall seeing AO-51 in the V/U (J) mode for APRS operations.

  Bob gives the "impression" that this mode can always be operated regardless of which other mode the satellite is in.

  Is this true? ... and can AO-51 *ALWAYS* be used as an APRS sat ???.

  73 John.   <la2qaa@amsat.org>

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