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Re ISS D700 msg in AMSAT-BB Digest, Vol 3, Issue 71

I'm curious to learn what organization owns/controls the D700 that is on 
the ISS and how, where, when, and by who  decisions are made and 
implemented regarding switching the D700's mode of operation.

I understand the D700 shutdowns for safety reasons, its use as a 
educational tool to connect school children worldwide with NASA, its 
availability as a recreational device for interested ISS residents, and 
the fact that having astronauts watching over and tweaking the D700 is 
near or at the bottom of the astronaut's task list.   I have never 
understood how the non-shutdown, non-school  D700 time is allocated and 
who does the allocation.

Joe Cassano

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  > Now that the D700 has been tested for 5+ days in Cross
> Band repater, its time to find a laptop and start
> running some Slow Scan TV from ISS again.
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