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Re: ISS rptr

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From: "Nate Duehr" <nate@natetech.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2008 12:35 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: ISS rptr

> What do EchoLink or IRLP have to do with the frequency chosen for a
> local repeater by the repeater trustee?
Those systems list the output frequency in many of the lists I've seen 
online. However, definitely not all nodes are listed.

> If voice... well, no thoughts there.  If it's so bad you can't
> understand a voice ID, how are they even using it?
I often wonder how they use it too, there are several in this city alone, 
each with it's own definition of  "inexcusably poor audio quality". 
Strangely, they all seem to be hard-linked to The Philippines.

> All you can do is try to contact the owner and ask them to move it,
> explaining that they parked it right next to the downlink of ISS.  I
> doubt anyone sane would not honor your request.
That is my only  hope

>Of course, there's
> plenty of completely insane/crazy hams out there...
5 seconds of listening to AO-51 or AO-16 over NA while the footprint covers 
areas south of 40 deg N is evidence of that!


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