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Re: antenna attenuation

>Has anyone encountered this situation-  My 
>satellite antennas are about 15 feet off the 
>ground.  approximatly 18 feet away at that 
>height is the base of a  25 foot tripod that 
>holds my HF quad.  When aiming at a certain 
>direction about 15-20 degrees I can't seem to 
>get through to AO-7.  I am trying to connect 
>with OH8MBN.  Other directions I can usually 
>hear my downlink almost down to the horizon.  On 
>70cm I run about 80-100 watts to a 40 el cp 
>yagi.  I can pick up my down link when the sat is about 7 degrees.


Be wary of AO7!  It is my old standby, and I do a 
lot of listening...In attempt to determine a 
pattern, but my efforts have been fruitless..

Today, 1feb08z, I chased the band and NOTHING 
until about 30°, then the sigs were erratic...made two contacts...

Sometimes it is loud and clear AOS to LOS...

Not suggesting that is YOUR problem, but be wary, 
my friend....And I have nothing but sky from 
horizon to horizon...with my sat antennas....

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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