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Re: AO-16 over West Malaysia

At 01:41 AM 1/30/2008, Robert Bruninga wrote:
>> > Surprisingly this bird hears very well.
>> > About 30 watts of uplink  power into
>> > 2x10 elements horizontally polarized
>> > stacked yagi for 2M was about enough.
>>Hummh... About 2100 Watts EIRP.  Yep, it should hear that

>Considering I used to run between 0.1% and 0.01% of that into UO-14... ;)

>>Though in the western pacific, this is understandable to get
>>over all the terestrial QRM from unlicensed operations on 2

>Indeed.  From Malaysia, I'm surprised the bird was useable at 
>all.  Usually, when the FM birds are over that part of the world, 
>they're unusable.  The main culprit appears to be long range cordless 
>phones in nearby countries, going from the way the conversations sound.

Well, with more uplink power on 2M and gain antennas, it is not that bad
after all.  Judging from the way the conversation sounds, most are
terrestrial illegal 2M usage and when the bird goes further north, then you
start to hear the so called long range cordless phones dialing and ringing

I look forward to a satellite QSO with you one day.  :) 

Sion Chow Q. C.,

>73 de VK3JED

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