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Re: gpredict

> Err, the DEC machines that ran Unix were (mostly) '11's and VAXen, and
> while it may not be in the literature, there was a LOT of denigration
> of the DEC-provided OS's, like DOS, VMS, RSTS, and RSX.

Yes, but also the other way around.  I was a student in Berkeley in the mid-70's, when Unix was first being brought into the classroom.  I had the privilege and good fortune to be in the first data structures class taught on Unix, instead of the CDC 6400 / punch cards arrangement down in the basement.  We got to use "glass TTYs" up on the 4th floor.  They had BACKSPACE KEYS.  (Think about that for a moment...)

Anyway, during the day, about half of the time, the little PDP-11/45 ran Unix.  It crashed a lot.  We had them switch over to a more stable, but slower "Turtle Unix" configuration at night, since the sysops weren't always around.  But the rest of the time it ran the Dec "RSTS" system, which was rock solid.  We thought about complaining, but realized how good we had it, even with the crashes, than our friends with the punch cards.

So, it hasn't always been the wonderful operating system, and as bad as we think some of the current systems are, it could be a lot worse...  But that was 32 years ago (ouch!).

Greg  KO6TH

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