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Re: Macbook and U232-P9 serial

Yeah, that sounds about like my experience with some peripherals whose  
vendors haven't quite picked up on the fact that OS 9 is now obsolete  
by several years and no currently shipping Macs will run it even in  
Classic mode (because it won't run at all on Intel-based Macs), and  
they don't realize that a Mac from 7-8 years ago is a *completely*  
different animal from a present-day Mac.

Any luck with open source/Linux style drivers?  If they'll run under  
BSD or a distro that's BSD-like enough to satisfy them, they might be  
adaptable to Darwin with some tweaking and maybe a bit of luck .. :)

On Jan 29, 2008, at 6:12 PM, John Heaton wrote:

>> I have had excellent results with Keyspan usb<>serial adapters on my
>> macs.
> When I got my first Mac I borrowed a friends keyspan adapter for a
> few days and it worked fine.  When he asked for it back (;-(), I had
> a look around for one locally and found a usb<>rs232 adapter in a
> local Maplin store - the assistant looked at the package and read off
> 'works on MacOS' so I went away happy.  When I got home and had
> ripped the packaging open it would not pick it up at all on my Mac,
> so I had a closer look at the wording on the package - not much of it
> in english and sure enough it did say it would work on MacOS - but it
> didn't say anything about MacOSX. Probably the assistant didn't know
> the difference.
> since then I've used several keyspan adapters and all were picked up
> correctly by MacOSX.

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