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AMSAT Operating Areas (OA's), MM Packet Mail

>From Bob B.
For example, using the BBS on ISS.  It is extremely
to attempt to logon to this BBS over Europe and the
USA since it
blocks other users from the more efficient digipeater
designed for those high density areas.

Hi All:
This Apples and Oranges comparison.  There is a huge
difference between a Store-And-Forward Mail box and an
Unacknowledged Broadcast packet. With an Unproto
Packet (Unacknowledged Broadcast packet) you never
know if anyone heard your one-way packet.  It is
efficient for its scope, and I do use it often on ISS
to Find people via Unproto and get them to Meet me on
80 meters to continue the conversation after the 10
minute pass is over.  However it is limited in its
scope of functionality.

Store-And-Forward packet mail has a whole different
set of uses.  We used Packet Mail on Space Station Mir
for 10+ years.  I personally tested 3 different brands
of Amateur radio TNCís on the Mir space station,
including PacCom, MFJ 1270 and the Kantronics

The Packet Mail projects were 110% successful Space
Station Mir and were used extensively during several
emergency situations.  
The ISS Packet Mail project never caught on because we
had Hardware and software problems with the TNCís and
we never were assigned a dedicated Laptop.  Today
(January 2008), most of the software problems have
been identified and software fixes are being tested
with good results.  We are still stuck in a holding
pattern waiting for a dedicated laptop.

How to reduce congestion:

The biggest congestion problem is caused by poor
education.  Most people cause interference
ďunintentionallyĒ because they do not understand the
project limitations of the Packet Mail System.  Once a
beginner learns how to use Packet mail, his success
rate increases and the amount of congestion drops.

How to Packet Mail

How to Unproto	

The second big issue we have with Packet Mail on ISS
is the hardware limitations.  The current system can
only support 1 mail box user at a time.  Marex has
received initial approval to upgrade the system to a
Kantronics System that will support 5+ mail box users
and also includes full remote control from ground
System Operators.  If you would like to see a multiple
user Mail box on ISS please help support Marex, itís a
long road into space.  My next hardware demo is
scheduled for Moscow in June 2008.

73 Miles WF1  www.marexmg.org

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