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Re: gpredict

I didn't say that the denigration was always valid, but we used to switch
an 11/45 betwen RSTS and V6 (I think) Unix and could handle as many users, and
those users could do a lot more.  System V was later and known as a pig, even then,
which lead to BSD Unix.
I actually liked DOS-11 a lot, for a single-user system.

73, doug

   Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 20:50:44 -0500
   From: Anthony Monteiro <aa2tx@comcast.net>

   At 01:10 PM 1/29/2008, Doug Faunt N6TQS +1-510-655-8604 wrote:
   >Err, the DEC machines that ran Unix were (mostly) '11's and VAXen, and
   >while it may not be in the literature, there was a LOT of denigration
   >of the DEC-provided OS's, like DOS, VMS, RSTS, and RSX.
   >    Nate Duehr wrote:
   >    > On Jan 28, 2008, at 11:32 PM, don wrote:
   >    >
   >    >> The PDP series ran unix, and I still have the original Bell System
   >    >> Journals here at home describing the philosophy and design behind the
   >    >> unix system. I tried over the last few days of re reading these
   >    >> journals
   >    >> to find any reference to the denigrating of any other systems or their
   >    >> users... Are linux users and prophets now straying far from the
   >    >> original
   >    >> tracks for unix?
   >    >
   >I picked up my first Unix disk by going to Murray Hills and being loaned
   >an RK05 pack to take it back in my van (which had PDP-11 license

   Hi Doug!

   I worked at Bell Labs back then and guess what? When we needed
   good performance, we used VMS! The first release of UNIX System V
   did not have demand paged virtual memory but VMS did so it was
   significantly faster for big jobs like chip layouts and simulations.

   A very simple chip back then (2.5 micron) took overnight on a dedicated
   VAX11/780 to do the layout and simulation. Of course, this was a 1 MIPS
   machine (and that is being polite.)

   The original WeCo 3B2 mini computers were actually slower than even
   the cheapest IBM PC running DOS partly because the UNIX 
   implementations were so bad
   (again no demand paged VM.)

   On the outside we probably laughed at DOS and VMS but on the inside 
   we knew the truth!

   Enjoy the memories (some of them virtual and written to /DEV/NULL in my case!)

   Tony AA2TX

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