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AMSAT Operating Areas (OA's)

There are -worlds- of difference when we try to make rules for
satellite operations.

For example, using the BBS on ISS.  It is extremely inefficient
to attempt to logon to this BBS over Europe and the USA since it
blocks other users from the more efficient digipeater mode
designed for those high density areas.  

However, a station in Hawaii, surrounded by 16 million square
miles of ocean has virtually unlimited access.  Similarly, some
stations in South Africa, Australia/New Zealand, South America
and others may be able to make practical use of it, with out
interfereing with anyone.

The GLOBAL map of HAM radio activity is extremely diverse, with
probably 95% of the HAM Radio population all sharing only 5% of
the footprints of our satelites.  Trying to make "rules" without
accounting for this 400-to-1 diversity severly limits the
utility of our satellites.

I propose that AMSAT endorse a global AMSAT map of "Operational
Areas".  There are 4 categories:

OA/0 - Isolated.  Hawaii, Arctic, Antarctic, South Africa etc
OA/A - Area, Regional. (Australia, NZ, Japan? Etc)
OA/B - Border (10% footprint overlap into OA/C areas
OA/C - Congested. USA, Europe

Then if we ever need to make any flat statements about
operations, then it can very clearly be designated as to what
operating recommendations apply where.

Further, such a map would help educate the satellite user about
orbital geometry and network planning.  It would also encourage
better use of our satellites over remote areas where we can
actually contribute very well to communications applications.

Any discussion about "operational receommendations" is a waste
of time without also identify the area where it applies.  This
map should be published in ALL amateur radio publications that
mention Amateur Satellites.  It should be come as common as the
callsign maps...

Anyone want to take a crack at drawing the map?

This same map can also overlay the "INTERFERENCE" areas which
shows the footprint areas of HIGH QRM from pirates.  These
shaded areas would also help educate not only our users, but our
regulatory bodies as well.


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