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Rotor freezing and S mode

With the actual A0-51 configuration U/S transmitters ON i recheck my BBQ grill performance. As i expected a bumpy ride on S band it was 
exactly what i got! Signal with deep fades from nil to s9+ 60! Did anyone succeed in reducing theses fades? probably attempting to 
circularized the feed can be a part of the solution as i used the original linear feed.

Guessing the problem i cover the grill with screen mesh at the first installation but i don't know what type of feed will be best for grill 
shape Patch? helix? it will be interesting to see what you are using in a way to kill theses ugly fades.

Looking for a solution to my KR-500 elevation rotor freezing i succeed at 100% with a simple and cheap battery heating pad available at you 
nearest auto parts store for 25$+- It gives 80 watts and you just have to roll the pad around the rotor casing with a generous layer of 
duct tape. In bonus as you now have AC up the tower you can add a lamp this way you can see your antennas position in the dark making your 
antenna structure even more intriguing for you neighbours...

P.S. Magnetic heaters are not practical as there is not enough flat and even surface to have a good contact.



Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE


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