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Re: gpredict

John Magliacane wrote:
> --- Charlie Schlieper <n5td@vvm.com> wrote:
>> I was still using FEDORA 7 (or Core 7) at the time.  I think they
>> took the "CORE" term out finally.  I had taken a LINUX 101 course
> from
>> HP, and was trying my best to learn LINUX.  I started with Fedora
>> Core 5.
> One of the problems I've seen individuals trying to learn Linux from
> a feature-rich, point-and-click, distribution is that they tend to
> learn the details about that particular distribution, rather than the
> operation of the Linux OS itself.
> Personally, I prefer distributions such as Slackware, that install
> the components necessary to build a complete Linux system, and then
> get out of the way!  :-)

That's a really good point, I often see people get too caught up in a 
particular distribution rather than the stuff that makes Linux really 

All OSs (or any complex system for that matter) require a collection of 
arcane knowledge to get you through common problems.  Most of us have a 
bunch of windows minutia stored in our heads or in someone nearby.  I 
think this makes it difficult to make the switch to Linux.

Ubuntu strikes a good balance.  It's pretty and friendly, but it's still 
a debian distribution, so problem solving is intuitive at many different 
levels. For example, the following sort of thing works really well:

    % sudo apt-get install gpredict


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