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Re: [SPAM] Re: gpredict

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On 28 Jan 2008, at 20:07, Andrew Rich wrote:
> I am still convinced my new macbook is what i want - a really stable
> windows with a unix back end

'Cringe!!' - please don't use 'a really stable windows' when speaking  
of Mac OS-X. Its NOT windows and hopefully never will be. The fact  
that it will run MrSoftee products better (and faster) than most PC  
systems is an annoyance at best.

With gpredict, since it works so well under Linux why not make use of  
virtualisation on the MacBook and run a copy of Ubuntu Linux in a  
virtual system alongside Mac OSX.  That way you could just make use  
of the standard gpredict package without having to set all its  
supporting libraries up under Mac OSX.

> On 29/01/2008, at 5:46 AM, Charlie Schlieper wrote:
>> Gpredict is the ONLY satellite program I ever got to work with LINUX.

Predict is a standard package under Ubuntu/Debian Linux, and to get  
it to work is a doddle.  The same goes for gpredict.

I've run Predict under Linux / OSX / IRIX / Cygwin.... (Cygwin runs  
under MrSoftee systems)

The older SatTack 3.5 works OK on Linux and OSX..

>> I do remember having a problem with the NEW daylight savings time
>> changes.  This particular program didn't seem to be written for that
>> type of compensation and change, unless I missed something.

Its the operating system that should really take such things into  
account not the users program.

>> I was still using FEDORA 7 (or Core 7) at the time.  I think they  
>> took
>> the "CORE" term out finally.  I had taken a LINUX 101 course from
>> HP, and was trying my best to learn LINUX.  I started with Fedora
>> Core 5.

I've never been a fan of DeadRat - sorry RedHat Linux..

>> somehow falls far short of being sufficient. (I also spent several
>> hundred dollars on LINUX books too.)

You should have looked at the Internet - as 99% of Linux  
documentation is totally FREE - start by looking for the 'Linux  
Documentation Project' or just LDP - there are several LDP mirrors  
around the world.


   John Heaton, G1YYH
   AMSAT-UK #5701

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