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Re: Video of indoor, ultra-cheap cubesat operations

This morning I used the same setup to listen to a 2 deg. max elevation
pass of LO-19. Its signal is stronger, of course, but it probably
would be less well-suited to demonstration because it sends telemetry
periodically, not continuously. It is easy to lose the signal in the
doppler as the telemetry goes silent. However, with a practiced hand,
familiar with the period of the LO-19 telemetry it is quite possible
to record 559-ish copy from this bird without a preamp and with a
directly-attached 1/4 wave vertical.

I wonder if one could design a circularly-polarized antenna for 435
MHz that directly attached to the BNC and could be supported by an

On Jan 25, 2008 9:28 PM, Bruce Robertson <ve9qrp@gmail.com> wrote:
> I had a chance to do some more listening in on CO-55 using my FT-817
> radio and a 1/4 wave ground-plane made of wire and a BNC. Given the
> number of all-band, all-mode radios that are available now, I think a
> simple experiment like this could be great fun to many hams,
> especially those who might fear that satellite operations of any sort
> are prohibitively expensive. In hopes of illustrating to them and
> others, I made a short video of the actual reception, to be viewed
> here:
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1251407580465862002
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