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Re: AO-16 report

Actually, this is a great idea, Greg.  It's the basis for AE4JY Moe Wheatley's AO40RCv program--the 400BPSK demodulator.  In fact, his source coded is posted--it should help with the programming I'd think.  It provided button pushes, com port selection, radio choices, etc.

Not sure there is ENOUGH carrier..at least from what I've been hearing.  But I haven't looked at it with a waterfall yet;  Drew KO4MA was doing that during our initial tests--he could see the carrier well as I recall.


Mark N8MH

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If there is a slight carrier on the downlink side, I wonder if someone with a sound card and a "bit" of spare time could work up an automatic tuning adapter?  Zero beat the carrier by tickling the mike up and down buttons; something like that.  You'd need to sample (tap into) the received audio, and manually get the receiver close.  Then let it run. 

Crazy idea? 

Greg  KO6TH 

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