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Re: FO-29 status

I see, so the batteries are still somewhat funcional and are keeping the 
"cpu" onboard running, just not the transmitter.  Thank you for helping me 
to understand this.

Just one more question:
What might happen when the battery fails completely?  will the satellite 
require new software to be uploaded just as some other satellites also do?

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Subject: Re: FO-29 status

> Auke,
> As basic idea, all of us want to keep every birds life as longer as
> possible in operation.
> This is reason why the operation of FO-29 is limited as just single
> pass in a single day for the time being.
> To prevent further damages to the batteries which may cause total
> death of the bird, limitation of usage is essential to save her life.
> After the bird got full sun shine at every time and the transmitter
> being kept ON at any time,  then we will be able to use FO-29
> all over the world again.
> Untill that time, the limitation should be allowed.
> 73s,
> Toyo Komatsu
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> Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 12:43 PM
> Subject: Re: FO-29 status
>>I don't fully understand what you mean by "untill the bird obtain less 
>>than 25% of eclipse ratio, Max 20 minutes in Non-eclipse period and 10 
>>minutes in eclipse period are operation limit in One day".  Does this mean 
>>that the satellite can only run for one pass over Japan each day, even if 
>>it has coverage for many passes?  Does this also mean that activating the 
>>satellite more than once in a single day might cause harm somehow?
>> I dont' want to seem snoopy, I just don't like to see a useful satellite 
>> being un-used just because it needs to be woken-up by somebody who knows 
>> the "secret" codes ;)
>> '73
>> Auke
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