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Re: FO-29 status


As basic idea, all of us want to keep every birds life as longer as
possible in operation.

This is reason why the operation of FO-29 is limited as just single
pass in a single day for the time being.
To prevent further damages to the batteries which may cause total
death of the bird, limitation of usage is essential to save her life.
After the bird got full sun shine at every time and the transmitter
being kept ON at any time,  then we will be able to use FO-29
all over the world again.
Untill that time, the limitation should be allowed.


Toyo Komatsu

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Subject: Re: FO-29 status

>I don't fully understand what you mean by "untill the bird obtain less than 
>25% of eclipse ratio, Max 20 minutes in Non-eclipse period and 10 minutes 
>in eclipse period are operation limit in One day".  Does this mean that the 
>satellite can only run for one pass over Japan each day, even if it has 
>coverage for many passes?  Does this also mean that activating the 
>satellite more than once in a single day might cause harm somehow?
> I dont' want to seem snoopy, I just don't like to see a useful satellite 
> being un-used just because it needs to be woken-up by somebody who knows 
> the "secret" codes ;)
> '73
> Auke
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