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Re: High of Satellite to be in sunlight

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From: "Chris Bloy" <chris@photofuture.co.uk>
> I forgot to mention that I use Orbitron and find it one of the better
> tracking programs that I have tried.. we all have our own software that we
> prefer and this is mine. One thing I didnít know is how accurate the
> shadow
> was on the map, IE was it just for the sun on the earth more than if the
> satellite is illuminated, as I know that early evening passes for the ISS
> can be seen by the naked eye and therefore, even though I am in darkness,
> the ISS isnít?

Orbitron will show the satellite as having sun illumination when the path
line is yellow.  if the satellite path line is red, or the satellite dot on
screen is red, then it has no sunlight.  In the picture that I will link at
the bottom of this email, i show VO-52 where it has sunlight a little over
where the earth surface is dark.

Maybe you have to turn on the tracking lines for this to work??
That's in the "visualisation" tab with the checkbox: " ground track"

Best of luck,

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