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Re: LVB tracker display problem

Hi Fer

>  I just finish to build an LVB tracker for a friend 
> of mine. All works fine with NOVA but during a satellite 
> pass the display stuck as in the picture:

I am not aware of a similar problem occuring. I wonder if it is possible to
temporarily try a different display?

There is a section of code that attempts to detect whether an LCD exists or
not, for those who don't use the LCD option. If at any point it takes more
than 5ms to get a response from the LCD the software assumes there isn't one
there and won't attempt to update the display again, until the tracker is

However, looking at the display, it looks like the LCD may have somehow
reset itself. This could make the software think that the LCD has been
removed: a special startup sequence is needed to configure these LCDs after
a reset.

Again, try a different LCD if possible, then check the power supply to the
LCD is nice and stable without any glitches.

Also, if you simply press the reset push button, rather than cycle the
power, does the display work correctly then? This initiates the LCD

73, Howard G6LVB

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