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Re: Recollections of OSCAR-9 & Salyut Decay Competitions

>Here is some information about the OSCAR-9 & Salyut-7 decay competitions.
>I've compiled this from OSCAR News (the magazine of AMSAT-UK), and from my
>own records and memory.  I would be most interested in any additional
>information about these activities, which may have been remembered or

Hi Clive,

I have the last information received from O9 on my site..


See: Oscar9xxxx   three files..

Frank Sperber was the coordinator for the info, and it was all sent 
to the University Of Surrey..

There were no other claims at that time, and actual splash down is a 
guess...The on board temperature was changing rapidly in my last 
telemetry, and that was an indication to UoS that it was very near to 
splashdown...I got strong signals at the beginning of the last pass, 
and that signal deteriorated rapidly toward the end of my last 
contact...Elevation was still pretty high, and I never had any 
previous problems recording it from horizon at AOS to horizon at AOS, 
another indication of an on board failing of the transmitter.

I have no argument with other claimants!!  I just report what I had 
recorded!!  And no one disagreed at the time!!

I have copies of the US Satellite report of the event, and I have 
them somewhere, but I'll find them,
still looking, and I have tons of history to plow thru, since 1979!

I'll copy them, and put them on my site; will let u know, my friend....

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E...  

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