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Re: [aprssig] Re: OLPC ... Neat!

Paul Kronenwetter wrote:
> Bob Bruninga wrote:
>>> I think the XO is a... ground breaking device.  
>>> Did I get one? No, I realized that it is does 
>>> not meet my needs and would end up in the
>>> closet or given away to a child...
>> ...
>> I can't wait for the ham software to start working with it.  Talk about portability...  The ease of use, will assure that I will now probbly have the ham radio laptop apps with me more often than before since I will be more apt to carry the small XO at low risk then lug the big laptop.
>> Bob, WB4APR
> For what it's worth, I've had good success getting Xastir working on
> the box.  The only part I'm having real trouble with is soundmodem keeps
> crashing when ever it decodes a packet.  Otherwise all is compiling and working
> nicely, once the appropriate prerequisite packages are installed.
> -Paul

Thanks for the information about Xastir.  There seems to be so many
linux projects out there these days that I can not keep track and 10,000
of them are multimedia players. :)  I have to try it.  I also wish there
were more Radio-related Linux projects and less of duplicate
"mainstream" projects.

I have a number of older laptops (Thinkpad 380 and 600 series) that I
use for mobile dxing of Trunked Radio systems.  I have been looking for
something smaller for years to do this.  I also want to run Winradio
software and connect up to my D700 on the road.

Besides doing some GNURadio development I have a hand in Trunked Radio
Decoding Software development, in particular LTR, DOS Trunker (Motorola
and EDACS), and Windows ports of Trunker,  I want do do Linux versions
but until then I have to use Windows.  So I went with the Eee PC because
I could put 2GB of Ram in it and Windows XP can be put on it.  I would
not consider the Classmate either since it does not really have enough
RAM to run Windows XP.  I still run Windows 98SE and W2K on my older
laptops to minimize the bloat.

I have "standardized" on openSuSE for my linux distribution and on KDE
in particular.  Although I have used the built-in OS on the Eee PC for
web browsing, irc, and listening to internet audio, I still installed
openSuSE.  I am still setting it up and want to try compiling GNURadio
on it.  So I think it is also neat having my familiar Linux environment
in the palm of my hand.

73 Eric
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