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Re: Digital Recorder for Sats

On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 19:31:46 -0000, Chris Bloy wrote:
>...>†I have a small problem when recording my satellite passes, I donít
>†have the hands to be able to write the Grids and Callsignís so i
>†use a little digital voice recorder that I found on Ebay..I use my TH-D7
>†and split the output between the recorder and my earphones.. BUT the output to
>†the recorder is a little too hot for it and doesnít have a mic

I tried something similar when I went down to Belize and operated on the late-great UO-14 as V31WD, but when you plug something in to the microphone input you disconnect the internal mike. †If all you're recording, then, is the output of the HT, you miss the chance to hear what YOU thought you were working (and any verbal notes you may have made to yourself while you were setting up, etc.).

What I finally settled on was an external mike going to the digital recorder, taped to the headset of the boom mike I was using for the HT, with that mike close enough to the earpiece that it heard enough audio from the earphones to let me hear what was being received on the HT, but still would record my voice at the same time.

The only other way I can think of to do it is to either (a) find a two-channel recorder (preferably one with a line input instead of just a mike-level audio input) or (b) rig up some sort of mixing pad that would let me vary the inputs.

If anyone has a pointer to a two-channel digital recorder like that, please share!

73 Wayne N5WD

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