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Re: AG-35 info

On 6 Jan 2008 at 18:59, Andrew Rich wrote:

> Does anyone have any detailed info on a AG-35 ?
> When you de-power the preamp, does it goto bypass ?

I just install a brand new one on my 17 elem linear yagi here is my report

1-Instead of been able to work SO-50 AO-27 only at +- TCA i start to hear them 
at AOS +3 degrees the same at LOS.

2-The inside relay is a big plus as i have 2 burn preamps sitting near me with 
so tiny FET that i don't know when i will be able to try to play in them!!! The 
relay switch off when he's getting RF but i don't recommend using it in full 

3-I powered it with the internal Yaesu FT-847 DC over the coax but i switch to 
an external DC injector as i like high meter reading... probably a trend from 
my past CB era :) but i found been able to switch the internal preamp give some 
help when polarity change side on overhead pass (Effect on signal most 

4-I got absolutely no desense my 2 meter uplink is a KLM 2M 14C but ass soon as 
i tilt the antenna below the horizon i start to see desense the meter goes up 
too. It is quite a dramatic razor sharp effect as soon as main lobe power is 
directed towards the earth the preamp became desense. Is it because he pick up 
reflection or because he gets more direct RF? question remain open for 

5-As a past non believer of mast mounted preamp i found there is more gain at 
the mast than at the shack.

Here is my observations but i cannot compare one brand against another one as i 
found been able to copy the sats from one horizon to another is enough ;(  I 
don't fiddle too much with noise ratio figures and gain actually probably i can 
develop a more critical approach when getting older and when having not too 
much stuff to do...:)

Our normal winter WX here helps a bit to not complicate thing too much when 
sitting on the tower at minus 10C. or in rain at +5

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
Skype VE2DWE

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