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Re: EL rotors

> I started out in Satellite with just azimuth ...
> I used them for a couple years and bought a 
> 5400B and CP antennas and switchers.
> This helped me make a lot more contacts...

Good point!

Although I recommend the AZ only TV rotator and small beams (ARROW class size) for all newcomers and most casual operations with all current satellites, the above post reminds me to make the following additional comment.

That is, if you DO happen to buy the big high gain OSCAR class beams then you do probably need to invest in a full AZ/EL system and controllers, because with that added gain (which is NOT needed for any of the current satellites) the beamwidth is so narrow, that you have to be very precise with your tracking and pointing.  This then also requires you to have more precise tracking elements and more frequent updates and precise setting of your PCs time etc...

Its kinda like going for a hike in the woods.  

You can just put your tennies on and go for a walk in the woods, or you can go to Appalachian outfitters, spend about $3000 and go for the same walk in the woods... 

It all depends on whether your objective is to walk in the woods, or collect the best equipment money can buy.  There is joy and satisfaction in both approaches.


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