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Re: ICOM IC910

I'm just setting up my ICOM IC910H for 9k6 and
although I'm not yet there, I offer some observations
which might be useful.

1. Both the main and sub band data sockets appear to
be the the same - ie the manual does not distinguish
between them.

2. I have set up a 9k6 connection using a (second
hand) SYMEK TNC2H 9k6 tnc. This uses a 180 degree 5
pin DIN at the TNC end and the 8 pin mini DIN at the
TRX end. I have used an old connector from a Mouse but
had to cut into the plug to hard wire to the earth
connector. I've also used an ex-keyboard plug (see
below), the advantage is that most of the leads are
already soldered. 

3. Under Win 2k I use AGWPE and either UISS or AGWPE
Term to drive it - need to specify the SYMEK when
setting up and leave the default PC-to-TNC speed as

4. Setting up the SYMEK was a pig. It has 8 dip
switches and according to the manual the 9k6 Pc-to-tnc
setting was UP-DOWN-UP. In fact it's DOWN-UP-DOWN
while the rest of the dip switches are correctly
described - as in the picture on the front of the
SYMEK manual (that took me 3 months!!).

5. When set up a quick tx click will see the ptt light
up on the tnc and key the radio. Tracking doppler with
HR Deluxe - an excellent program BTW -, I can
currently rx AO51 and GO32 9k6 data. 

6. However I can't find a way to get raw hex. Normally
I would use Packcom in DOS but Win 2K doesn't do DOS,
I have tried DOSBOX but Packcom doesn't connect to the
tnc while in the Box. Anybody know a freeware windows
terminal program that can put the tnc into KISS?

7. Current objective is to use UISS to digipeat
through GO-32. This will need two leads from the TNC 5
pin DIN, one to the main band to rx and one to the sub
band to tx. I have built this but the earth connection
pin 2 isn't connected on my ex-keyboard DIN connector
lead so will cut into the plug again (using the casing
doesn't work).

Hope that helps /is of interest

73 de andy G0SFJ

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