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A2710S Antenna's problem

Hi to all & HAPPY NEW YEAR,

 sorry for "off topic",  just I wonder if somebody here has any experience with Cuscraft A2710S (5+5 El. V-U antenna).
A friend of mine (newcomer on SATs), he used only the VHF part of this antenna as VHF Yagi on a Satellite antenna system, but unfortunately the antenna appears SWR 3:1 !
  Because he removed the "Harness" which splits the common Coaxial from TX-RX into the two separate antennas (V & U) in order to use the antenna with independent Coaxial - just for VHF band (the UHF-part is non-connected),  I wonder if this "Harness" has to do with antenna matching - even if this coaxial is a simple-usual 50 Ohms cable.

 Thanks in advance.

73 de Mak, SV1BSX

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