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Re: ISS power output ? MM

Rick Mann wrote:
> On Jan 2, 2008, at 11:14 AM, Charlie Schlieper wrote:
>> You are absotulely correct, in a sense, but somewhat in error.
>> The first part is very true-- in the sense of a space environment;
>> however, following it up with the part about FAN cooling sort
>> of gives it away, doesn't it?
>> To the best of my knowledge, the the RADIO aboard the ISS
>> is located in a life-support (air) environment, and NOT in a
>> vacuum of space.
> Don't forget, for *convective* cooling, you need gravity. There is no  
> consistent gravity vector aboard the ISS that will cause cold air to  
> fall, and warm air to rise, sufficient for convective cooling.

There is a distinction between  free convection and forced convection.   
Free convection requires gravity
and doesnt work in microgravity while forced convection with a fan 
does.   Both are types of convective heat


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