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Re: broadcast FM

Scott Smith wrote:
 >Hi, ,i received a FM broadcast kit for Christmas,
 >the power output is "100mW". If i installed an external antenna
 >(for range, a couple of blocks) would i be infringing on any 

    Scott, since you are in the great country to the north, I am not 
sure about the regs up there. Here in the US, 100 mw is way outside what 
is allow by the FCC's Part 15. On the FM band, you are allowed 300 
microvolts per meter, at 3 meters, which, using a 1/4 wave vertical, 
allows you about 15 nanowatts! The effective range is about 150-200 feet 
to a car radio (which is usually rather sensitive).

Many people seem to think that the 100 mw is allowed on FM, but it is 
not. 100 mw IS allowed on AM, but the antenna and ground wire can only 
be 10 feet long.

    You might have to poke your nose around to find out whats legal in 

    vy 74, tom k8tb

(radio broadcast engineer for 35+ years !)

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