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ANDE: results of the de-orbit Event & AWARD details

Dear all,

ANDE (NO-61) has de-orbited last week - after spending ~370 days in space.

During its short life many radio amateurs used the satellite. Most of them
found it initially a challenge to hear the downlink. Yet, over time more and
more stations joined. Many stations improved their antenna systems and got to
hear ANDE. In the very last days, while the passes got even shorter, there
were up to 8 stations actively digipeating via the satellite in a single pass.

We have seen more and more HAMS enhancing their satellite radio-stations and
set-up a SatGate (= automated internet forwarding of all data received on
145.825 MHz, the 2mtr APRS downlink of multiple satellites). During December
up to 78 stations worldwide non-stop forwarded data they received !
A great achievement, providing value also after ANDE. Radio amateurs have
proven to be able to get their act together on very short terms and set up
dedicated digital communication links using very small satellites. Note that
all of this has been fully operational for a period of 4 weeks non-stop.

All systems on-board ANDE have been functioning fine until de-orbit. We did
not observe any major deviation in the telemetry data (eg in temperature).
Just a few hours before the decay in the morning of Dec 25, JA0CAW received
his last telemetry packet (2007/12/24 22:27:43) and W6MSU was still able to
digipeat (2007/12/24 21:14:13). That whole last day of Dec 24 many stations
around the world used the tiny APRS satellite... which was running its
entire life on batteries only !

ANDE has successfully completed its mission and served as a great APRS satellite.

Now - back to the competition & fun part: the AWARD !
Many radio amateur stations from around the world participated in the
special ANDE de-orbit event and have received and forwarded valuable
telemetry of the satellite during its last days in space. For everyone
that participated we have made available a special AWARD.

Everyone that made QSOs via ANDE or received telemetry during its final
10 days in space can submit his/her achievements and apply for the AWARD.
On the AWARD your callsign and achievements will be mentioned:

1 point for each 2 way APRS QSO in the period Dec 15-24
00:01:31:24 : KB1GVR]APU25N,ANDE-1*,qAO,K8YSE-6::KC2PCR :GA Doug
00:01:31:42 : KC2PCR]APRS,ANDE-1*,qAO,KB\2CEV::KB1GVR :G'Afternoon Mark ;)

ANDE Telemetry reception (in total 55 telemetry points can be achieved):
10 points for telemetry packets of Dec 24, 2007
 9 points for telemetry packets of Dec 23, 2007
 8 points for telemetry packets of Dec 22, 2007
 7 points for telemetry packets of Dec 21, 2007
 6 points for telemetry packets of Dec 20, 2007
 5 points for telemetry packets of Dec 19, 2007
 4 points for telemetry packets of Dec 18, 2007
 3 points for telemetry packets of Dec 17, 2007
 2 points for telemetry packets of Dec 16, 2007
 1 point  for telemetry packets of Dec 15, 2007

Of course your participation is what counts most, not the final score !

We ask 4 euro for submissions in Europe and 6 euro outside Europe.
This is only for printing & shipping the awards, any surplus will
be donated to an AMSAT satellite project.

For all details on submission/payments/status etc: http://www.ande-deorbit.com
On this website we have maintained an overview of all participating
stations that forwarded data. There is also an overview of all the
telemetry since Nov 14, when we started this event.
A draft version of the award itself can been pre-viewed as well !

Have a look yourself !

Finally we would like to thank all radio amateur stations world-wide
that have contributed and participated in the event. Without your help
this would not have been possible. It has really been a lot a fun !

Looking forward to your submissions & feedback on the website !

Mike, DK3WN
Henk, PA3GUO

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