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Re: TNC options?

Hi Jeff,

I've given my opinion on this before but here goes again.

All of the radios work very well, to begin with.

BUT, the most important part of the equation is in the amount of 
signal you put on the input/output.

That of course means choice of antenna, and feed line and 
connectors...Spend your money there  to suit the application, with 
emphasis on receive....A knob will take care of the uplink!! That 
will get the most bang for the buck!!

Then get the radio.

Our ham club NORTH SHORES AMATEUR RADIO CLUB in San Diego did side by 
side comparisons,  coax switching various antennas on a ham 
satellite, to get instantaneous  comparisons...One can't unscrew coax 
and switch to another radio...Sometimes the signal change is dramatic...

The ICOM 910 came out on top in comparison to the best that Yaesu or 
Kenwood had....Kenwood was second....

The power output on the ICOM 910 is continuously variable from about 
3 watts to the maximum...Don't have to use the power available unless 
you need it....Proper operating procedure to use the minimum power 
necessary is very important on those modes that have band width, and 
that means minimum power to get a usable return...

>This is a great question, I'm interested in the answer as well.  If I
>can slightly hijack the question and expand it to radio choice as well.
>What are the best radios for general amateur satellite work?
>The IC-910H looks great, but is it overkill for amateur satellites?  It
>seems like a lot of transmit power for most applications. Does you lose
>anything by going with something like the IC-706MKIIG?  I would really
>appreciate some expertise on choosing the right radio.

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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