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mode J filter / Comet CF416c

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to install a diplexer ahead of my 70cm mast-mount preamp soon, 
and was interested to know any tips or tricks before I buy a diplexer and 
climb the tower.

I was planning to go the cheap route, and buy the $35 MFJ-916b sold by my 
local ham store, but read in the manual:

"The MFJ-916B is designed for indoor use. If you use the MFJ-916B outdoors, 
it should only be used for short periods of time under good weather 
conditions. Do not use the duplexer outdoors when there is any kind of 

After reading that, I'm considering spending a little extra and buying the 
Comet 416c that others have had good luck with.

I had planned to mount the unit inside of a section of PVC pipe with a pipe 
cap glued on the top, and open at the bottom. A single U-bolt should attach 
the unit to the tower.

Please reply with any suggestions, or perhaps you know of an unpublished 
sale going on somewhere? Thanks!

Happy New Year to everyone on the list, and I hope we'll see P3e launched in 


Kyle Yoksh
Olathe, Kansas 

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