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Re: Yaesu FT-897 and HRD satellite tracking problem

Thank you Simon, and I appreciate the response from the guru as I 
appreciate your fine program!

I have tried all of the procedures I could glean from the HRD forum and 
messages on the pertinent Yaesu group, and eham.  I have grounded, 
beaded with ferrites, shielded, tried different cables etc., and I still 
get the chuff-chuffing noise that coincides with the black square 
animation on the upper left of the satellite tracking tool screen.

I have tried different CAT baud rates, and switched from a RS-232 
interface to a USB interface.  (I still have another more direct USB 
attempt to make after I build the Ham Gadgets interface).  And although 
I presently have a few beads on the CT-62 cable I guess I can add a few 
more beads and a few more loops through them, but so far there has been 
absolutely no difference notices with or without the beads.

Advice on the HRD forums follows yours: 'noise radiating from the CT-62 
cable'.  I don't think it is in this case as I have tested and improved 
the shielding and added ferrites, etc.

My experiments suggest that this may be a problem inherent to the rig, 
maybe losing its control of receiver parameters momentarily as it acts 
on the repetitive CAT data.  And finally a user in the Yaesu group 
suggests that this problem is normal for these Yaesu FT-897/857 rigs and 
some others.  But that user mentions simply turning off the polling to 
avoid the noise.  I want to use the HRD automatic Doppler shift 
tracking, so I need at least some periodic polling to update the rig.

Thanks you Simon for your timely response!
I will keep looking and experimenting.

(I would appreciate hearing from any users of an FT-897 or FT-857 who 
are using the satellite tracking tool in HRD with polling to track the 
Doppler shift.  Do you have the same chuff-chuffing?  Did you find a fix?)

Simon Brown (HB9DRV) wrote:
> Sounds like radiation from the CT-62 cable - try putting a ferrite or 
> two on the cable.
> Simon Brown, HB9DRV
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Dave Matthews" <dave@lostfrogs.com>
>> I have a periodic 'polling?' noise issue with my Yaesu FT-897 
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