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Re: Oscar 9 Re-entry

>I was very interested in Jeff's and Dave's comments.  Was there more
>than one 'Chicken Little' competition?  AMSAT-UK took over the
>competition which was originally started by UoS.  The winner was Geoff
>G3ENY, who sadly is no longer with us.
>I spent quite a lot of time attempting to predict the 'burn-up'of
>OSCAR-9 and Salyut7.  I'll put together what information I can find, and
>post it here in a few days time.  I would be very interested whether any
>one can find any references in the AMSAT Journal or elsewhere, other
>than in OSCAR News, which I already have.

I haven't been following ANDE, but with the tools available today, a 
lot of people should come pretty close...

I did it with manual recording of the various parameters b'cast by 
O9, and used the one that seemed the best predictor of its 
demise...Leanore and I both submitted entries, but we were not on the 
winners list!!

I feel very fortunate that I recorded and submitted the last 
telemetry, and was given credit for it by UoS.

I showed my "prowess" http://home.san.rr.com/doguimont/uploads


I have all of Project Oscars pubs somewhere (my wife, KA6UCD, did the 
"OSCAR LETTER"  with Issue #19 in Jan 91) She has copies of all the 
ones she published, she did it for over two years...

She inherited it from Margaret Nakayama,  KB6HWV, who did issue #18.
Margaret inherited it from her husband Gary Nakayama.

I have his copy #8, and it was called "Project Oscar, User's Group 
Newsletter"....That is dated October 1987...

And somewhere in my garage I have a copy that records all the stats 
on the demise of O9.....UoS may have that info somewhere also???

Maybe Jeff, wb3jfs@cox.net, can tell you the leaders...seems to me he 
was right up front....

Off to a garage search...gad, I hate that!!

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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