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ANDE-1 Great Lakes passes 23 DEC 07

Here are packets recieved from ANDE-1 from EN62.
All times are UTC.

23-Dec-07  12:47:19  WA4AEJ>APRS,ANDE-1*:=3031.90N/08626.94WrDale in 
Niceville, FL
23-Dec-07  12:47:28  KC9XG-14>APRS,ANDE-1*:=4134.300NS08803.300W& D700, omni 
23-Dec-07  12:47:37  N8IGJ>EN62,ANDE-1*,SGATE:

23-Dec-07  12:47:38  ANDE-1>BEACON:T#005,134,046,049,046,213,11100001,000

23-Dec-07  12:47:43  ANDE-1>APRS3,SGATE::BLN3ANDE :Aliases are RELAY, 
23-Dec-07  14:18:38  N8FQ>T2UY6W,ANDE-1*:`r_Il y/

23-Dec-07  14:19:38  ANDE-1>BEACON:T#006,002,010,009,004,003,01000000,000

23-Dec-07  14:20:42  VE4NSA>CQ,ANDE-1*:>Have a Merry Christmas and a great 
2008, Stefan
23-Dec-07  15:49:43  N8FQ>T2UY6W,ANDE-1*:`r_Il y/
23-Dec-07  17:23:13  AB9FT-15>T3TS9T,AB9FT-11,ANDE-1*:'sH/l [/>
23-Dec-07  17:23:26  VE4NSA>CQ,ANDE-1*::AB9FT-15 :>Having fun?

23-Dec-07  17:23:33  ANDE-1>BEACON:>Satellite 145.825mhz US Naval Academy

23-Dec-07  17:23:38  VE4NSA>CQ,ANDE-1*::VE2DWE   :>Having fun?
23-Dec-07  17:23:48  ANDE-1>APRS1,SGATE::BLN1ANDE :ANDE-1 only wakes up 1 
of evry 15s for users. Pse conserve.

23-Dec-07  17:24:16  ANDE-1>BEACON:T#008,140,136,121,138,133,10101011,000

23-Dec-07  20:27:05  WA4AEJ>APRS,ANDE-1*:=3031.90N/08626.94WrDale in 
Niceville, FL
23-Dec-07  20:27:22  AJ5C-3>SVQU7X,ANDE-1*:'y`gl -/]>Bob in EM36KG
23-Dec-07  20:27:24  N0AN-6>APRS,ANDE-1*:=4205.00N/09400.00WS73' Via Sat 

23-Dec-07  20:27:30  ANDE-1>BEACON:T#006,138,144,138,134,135,10101111,000

If I did my math correctly, Ande was still at a comfortable room temp during 
the last pass:

Temp Batt  =  26.0 C
Temp Sol -X  =  27.9 C
Temp Sol -Y  =  26.0 C
Temp Sol-Z  =  24.7 C
Temp Retro   =  25.0 C

73 & Merry Chirstmas,
Armando,  N8IGJ

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