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LEO EmComm (and Meteor Scatter as well)

> ...there are some show stoppers, at least when 
> using LEO birds. It takes a fair amount of 
> theoretical understanding to get to the point where  
> operating practice can yield functional capability.

Agree completely.

That is why I think a very thin slice of this puzzle is the LEO
APRS channel where the sender needs zero knowledge about
satellites.  He just sets his emergency outgoing message into
his APRS radio or TNC, and leaves it running for a few hours,
and he can be assured that his email is delivered.

If ISS is working, then return messages to the mobile are

Again, not at all suggesting that this detract even the
slightest from the great initiaves that are now underway for
real-time EmComm.  But because it is there now (sorta) and is so
easy to add to, and can be used by anyone with even the basic
understanding of a TNC or packet (though that knowledge has
really deminished by an order of magnitude since the 80's and
90's), I think it is worth practicing.

Also, this EmComm low-rate outbound Email concept has spawned a
new look at 6 meter Meteor Scatter comunications using the cheap
100W 6m radios that are so easy to find these days.  If we  just
add 6m receivers to many of our existing APRS Igates, then an
emergecy email can be transmittied out of an area for an hour or
so and have very good probbility that it was deliverd.

See the web page:

With the global APRS network listening 24/7 everywhere for
messages (on VHF, HF, Satellites and now Meteor Scatter, only
the sender has to SEND his EmComm Email report, the rest is
already done.


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