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Re: The Whole GEO Package


Excellent commentary!

I'm heavily involved with emcomm, and I have managed to generate some  
interest in the local group regarding satellites. That said, there  
are some show stoppers, at least when using LEO birds. It take a fair  
amount of theoretical understanding to get to the point where  
operating practice can yield functional capability.

I'm having quite a training load just getting all of our members  
functional with APRS and Winlink as well a voice net procedures, it  
will be some time before the group is ready to tackle satellite  
operations. If/when P4 Lite becomes a reality, integrating it into  
the emcomm system will be more than just being able to point a dish  
at the bird and getting a link going. Even with the best digital  
modulation technologies bandwidth will still be limited, smart  
operators on the ground prioritizing traffic routing  will be  
essential. P4 Lite will not make any current emcomm technologies  
obsolete, it will be an additional tool in the communicators toolbox  
(albeit a nice shiny chrome plated tool with ergonomic gel cushion  
handles <grin>). P4 Lite will move the skill set from just being  
satellite operators to being communications system managers. I'll bet  
there will be challenge enough for all.

I think that the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course  
(ARECC) is a good functional template to start with. Hopefully, there  
will be opportunities for guys like me who can't help with satellite  
construction, but who can put together a coherent English sentence  
(present e-mail missive EXCLUDED <grin>) to get involved with  
developing the courseware.

Vy 73,

John AA2BN
AMSAT #22683 
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