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Re: ISS Packet activity? I'm having problems and gettingfrustrated

Thanks Roger, but I'm not transmitting at present. I only have the 
receive side set up. I thought I'd try to work the bugs out on that side 
first. While I have operated voice on the LEO's and terrestrial packet 
before APRS, I'm completely new to digital on sats or the ISS so I don't 
want to to TX until I know exactly what I'm doing. I'd hate to cause 
inteference to anyone else while experimenting. I just don't understand 
why I have completely stopped even hearing packets, much less decoding 
them. My radio setup seems to be fine, I have no problems copying 
repeaters.  There is not much local terrestrial packet activity I can 
find out here where I live in the "boonies" to experiment with either. 
I'll keep at it though, everyone has given me a lot of help and ideas. 
on things to check.
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
Roger Kolakowski wrote:
> Michael...
> Another "telling" sign is that you are not showing up in the APRS "system"
> where, if you were transmitting a packet in the proper form and it was
> reaching the ISS or ANDE for that matter, you would show up here even if you
> couldn't hear anything:
> http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?W4HIJ
> At the top of that page would be a copy of your packet along with time
> received. The information stays here much longer than it stays on the ISS
> pages cited.
> I agree with Ken that you should insure that you are fine terrestrially,
> before you throw in another variable such as a moving, high use satellite.
> Roger

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