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Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle discussion seen from Copenhagen, Europe


I was only looking at my situation (and by default probably the rest 
of the Pacific).  I hadn't really considered the EU footprint.  These 
are good points to consider.  Since I would assume a max 
constellation of three P4 sats the decision for location preferences 
will have to juggle maximum coverage vs overlap between 
continents.  A wild guess is that enabling satellite linking may be 
the way for this instead of optimum intercontinental locations, but 
this should all be considered.  Perhaps mid ocean locations would be 
more useful than over land locations?  So 060W 180, 060E?

In the end it will also be determined by what Intelsat will offer.


At 05:50 AM 12/15/2007, OZ1MY wrote:
>Hi all,
>I do not want to go into this discussion from a political
>point of view - just technical.
> From my point of view looking at it from Copenhagen, the
>most interesting thing is where the GEO is placed.
>A fast look at NOVA manipulating existing GEO satellite
>keps makes it clear that a position at around 90 degrees West
>will put NA and SA into the footprint (including Hawaii and Alaska).
>This position will place me outside the footprint - and
>most of Europe as well.
>If shifted to 60 degrees West I can just make it :-)
>That is with an elevation of 2.4 degrees and a range
>around 41400 km.
>If I can make it will amongst other factors depend upon the
>radiation pattern of the antennas on the satellite.
>Regarding frequencies I agree with Ed, KL7UW. Lots of
>us have the equipment and antennas to work L/S.
>Also any station able to work L2/S2 on AO-40 should
>be able to make it.
>The comments above assumes SSB - but if we add the possibilities
>to use digital forms of (voice) modulation, we can add the
>advantage of Forward Error Correction.
>A non technical comment: Go for both.
>73 OZ1MY

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