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One satellite or many?

Greetings from Patrick N2OEQ

Sorry to see so much disagreement over future satellites.

Echo came close to the right idea for amsat. It was advertised as a high power satellite anyone with a home station could use.
Thats why I joined up and made a meager donation towards the launch.

If amsat thought outside the membership box and designed and built for great numbers of people, more people would donate and join!

Instead, amsat makes it hard with uncommon operating bands and greater hardware requirements. 

If I can be constructive, amsat should design for simplicity of operation more than one satellite.

Eagle would be good for those who insist on a technical challenge. P4 Payload should be designed for universal simplicity.
Why not have both!  

Regarding the coverage afforded by P4, may I suggest the lowest frequency possible with gain dual band directional antennas deployed to the sides after launch much like P3E. That should provide semi-spherical coverage of the earth or about half the globe.

On another note, last august I corresponded with NOAA suggesting or asking if they could add an amateur payload to one of their satellites as they are a prolific satellite builder. The idea was forwarded to others there so keep your hopes up for another possibility. It seemed plausible since noaa nws has an existing relationship with amateurs regarding weather conditions.

Think in terms of expanding the satellite hobby, not making it a small exclusive aspect of the hobby.

Go P4!!!  I was psyched when I heard about it.  Good YOB men ( and women )

Take care all, pat

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