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Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle

Folks it will be our ham antennas and our bands. True the sat will 
most likely be facing North America. How does Direct TV do it?  Point 
straight down or at a slight angle? So we will have propagation like 
any other sat pointed at the earth only better?


> > Probably a good pointing spot would be where XM and Sirius Point their
> > antennas - just about on the Canadian Border close to Winnipeg- Manitoba
> > 73
> > Robin VE3FRH.
> >
>Probably not if we care about covering the Southern Hemisphere. We really
>don't know enough even to speculate, but this likely won't be a spot beam
>like the Ku and C band transponders use. Range will be less than AO-40, so
>the earth is a fairly big target still.
>73, Drew KO4MA

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