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Re: passive reflector links?

A local amateur here wanted to check out his 2.4 GHz transverter.
We are about 20 kilometers apart and not line of site due to the
local terain. He wanted to try it anyway. We coordinated on 2
meters. I have a 1.2 m dish and he was using a loop yagi.
He hand held the yagi and as he moved it around I soon heard
him. It didnt take long to realize that when he was pointed at
a local water tower well off to the side I received a very strong signal.  
It doesnt take much of a metal object to reflect at 2.4 Ghz.
This is a major problem with local low power interference.
Even though you have a very directional antenna with low 
side lobes, reflections and rereflections from buildings and
structures on the sides and in front can be very significant.


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From: "Robert Bruninga" 

> What I want to try is taking the ubiquitous 3m satelite dish and
> point it at the local water tower, and then find another such
> ham to do the same, and see what kind of 2.4 GHz links we can
> establish... 
> We have a 600' tower across the river, and with a total of about
> 50 dB gain from the two dishes, it would seem to be a viable way
> of communicating.
> Not much else to do with all these BUD's.  Bob, WB4APR

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