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Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle

Well, good conversation without getting personal.

Wimax is a new technology with great potential. Also, you talk about  
sat phones...what if the price of satphones drops to a level where it  
is affordable by many.

I am FOR a P4 type bird. I am also a realistic.
I am FOR Eagle, but only one project done correctly at a time.

While we brainstorm here for nothing since AMSAT-NA will do business  
as usual, the Germans are progressing in assembling their future Oscar.
Congratulations to AMSAT-DL!

On Dec 14, 2007, at 12:37 AM, Edward Cole wrote:

> Beg to differ:
> the Katrina experience showed the fallacy of your reasoning.  EVERY  
> commercial approach to emcomm has failed to understand this simple  
> fact.  Fixed infrastructure will fail.  There was NO comms in the  
> Gulf coast after Katrina ... except ham radio ... and one satellite  
> phone owned by the national guard.  (all their other sat-phones had  
> been sent to Iraq)  My wife comes from Pass Christian, MS and we  
> still had a house down there when Katrina hit.
> I HOPE that this is hitting home with the officials.  P4 is a great  
> international emcomm tool.  Not everyone lives in metro America!
> 73 Ed - KL7UW   er that's in Alaska....a place with no roads in 75%  
> of the land - Wimax, cell phones, I-tune --- Ha ha!
> but even in 1964 ham radio WAS the communications that worked in  
> the 2nd largest earthquake to hit the world!

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