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Re: Phase 4 versus Eagle


Your expertise in satellites is only exceeded by your abundance of  
knowledge in the EMCOMM arena.

One of the first principles of EMCOMM is self contained, ad hoc  
delivery of communications services in the voice, data, and video  

Any reliance on common carriers in a disaster scenario is a complete  

Having a high bandwidth asset in GEO will usher in a revolution in  
disaster communications support and if AMSAT pulls it off it will  
have achieved something more important than the technical feat, it  
will help SAVE LIVES.

John Zaruba Jr. AA2BN
AMSAT #22683
Gloucester County ARES/RACES

P.S. I'm not afraid to plainly attach my name and callsign to what I  

On Dec 13, 2007, at 6:04 PM, MKM wrote:

> Forget the EMCOMM support, that does not make sense anymore. Read  
> on...
> WIMAX will be available from sprint soon. THAT will be a reliable
> technology for ecom. With one access point, they will cover a wide
> area for both data and voice. NOW, imagine multiple access point
> ( and I mean 2 or 3 max) and regardless of what the ecom situation
> is, help will get through.
> We have to understand here that P4 satcom for ecom is not a selling
> point anymore.
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