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Re: Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Priorities accomplished, that what success is.


NOT (1,2,3) maybe possible, likely, done, we need more money, run for  
my seat, too much heat on this bb....)

On Dec 13, 2007, at 10:22 AM, Rick Hambly ((W2GPS)) wrote:

> Fred,
> You continue to insult me. I never attacked your "intellectual  
> capacity." I
> only said you were not well informed.
> If you would like to see a working SDR come to an AMSAT gathering.  
> The delay
> in getting hardware that looks good is due to our reliance on  
> volunteers,
> not bad science or engineering. The fact that you don't believe in SDR
> transponders doesn't make them any less real or practical.
> Phase 4 will use the same modules and payloads as Eagle (P3) there  
> is no
> difference.  The module housings you made were valuable as they  
> proved that
> the bent sheet metal approach would not work. It is too flexible.  
> We will
> need a milled baseplate. This is not a failure - it is part of the
> successful evolution of a new design called Eagle.
> Some of us have donated huge amounts of our time to AMSAT and it is  
> tiring
> to be attacked in public like this. It is unjustified and not  
> consistent
> with the facts.
> Rick
> AMSAT LM2232

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