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Re: Satellite user "communities"

Just listen to 80m at nite and this is what you will get with  
channelized P4 digital venue.

What a waste of MONEY and man power.

On Dec 13, 2007, at 1:55 AM, Edward Cole wrote:

> At 10:28 AM 12/12/2007, Bob Stewart wrote:
>> With the "range war" that's going on right now, it
>> seems like there are at least two communities of
>> satellites users: one that wants simple, easy to
>> use transponders and doesn't mind the windows
>> of availability (and perhaps enjoys it for the added
>> simple technical challenge), and another that wants an
>> HF band type of experience with perfect propagation.
>> There may be other subsets that I haven't noticed, yet,
>> but these seem to be the two main groups.  Both have
>> their merits.
>> Bob - AE6RV
> Bob,
> I by simple you mean single-channel FM Leos and HF you mean linear
> passband Heos...
> Well it sounds to me like you haven't worked a Heo.  Working AO-10,
> AO-13 and AO-40 were certainly not "perfect propagation".  Setting up
> a station that will be successful for the old mode-B took some work
> and operating took some skill.  Mode-US was a technical step above
> that of AO10/13.
> In comparison to a HT and the Arrow "wave", there is quite a bit more
> technical challenge (in my view) to Heos.
> Operating under the current pile-up operating conditions on the Leos
> is no comparison with the ability to hold a round-table of 6-12
> stations that we enjoyed on the Heos.  The point is that there are
> Leos available since AO-40's demise.  AO-7 is the only satellite
> close to being an Heo (and crippled with no battery system and highly
> subject to overload FMing).
> The Heo community has shown great patience in waiting a decade for
> AO-40 after AO-13 re-entered and burned up.  Then it only lived about
> 3-years with highly reduced performance (though I really enjoyed
> mode-US).  Now we are waiting, again.
> P3E and Eagle are needed.  If the only way to get them launched is to
> re-package them for Intelsat piggyback...then that is what we will
> have to do.  Hopefully, rides can be found for P3E and Eagle to
> fulfill their original mission and P4A specific packages built for
> Geostationary service.
> P4A concept is the next evolutionary step after P3.  It was long
> thought unattainable, so it is exciting that it may now be more than
> a pipe-dream.
> P4A (mode-SC digital voice) offers the restricted apartment dweller a
> real alternative.  It also provides a real opportunity for ham radio
> to fulfill the emergency comms world-wide role that amateur radio
> promises.  Technically, ground stations may be easier than the P3
> birds.  Of course mw bands present a challenge but not so much as one
> may think.
> All the naysayers about mode-S found that the surplus equipment route
> actually worked out not too bad.  Not hugely difficult with the ample
> sharing of experience by fellow satellite operators.  Cost was not  
> bad, either.
> Anyway, there is room for both communities if there are satellites  
> available.
> 73,
> Ed - KL7UW
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