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Re: One camp versus another

Unfortunately  I wasn't able to get on satellites till after AO-40 was 
dead and gone so admittedly I don't have experience with HEO's. Still, I 
can't understand the utter disdain that some of the posters here express 
towards AO-51 and other LEO's.  I'm still relatively new to all this and 
I'm for all  ham satellites. I want to see LEO's continue to be built 
and launched and I want to see the current HEO projects come to fruition 
as well. GEO is great too, lets do it all if we can can. If we can't 
then we will have to face that  at some point. Maybe that point is now. 
Whining and crying about it and attacking the very people who are hard 
at work trying to get us in the best  situation possible is 
counterproductive. This reminds me of a  fan at a football game 
complaining about every play that the team runs. The coach calling the 
plays got where he is for a reason and I seriously doubt the fan could 
call a better game.
 One things for certain, it's a good thing this board is not open to the 
general public, some of us have been exhibiting the behavior of children 
and as a member of AMSAT  I'd be embarrassed for them to see this.
Michael W4HIJ
AMSAT # 36017
John Marranca, Jr wrote:
> Hey all.
> Wow...there is quite a bit of division, for sure.  However, it shouldn't be
> that way.  Be it FM Easy Sats, or the CW/SSB Linear sats, or the digital
> Packet sats, we are still united in the love for satellite operation.
> Period.  Some like the FM birds.  Some don't.  Each is entitled to their
> opinions.  I for one, see FM satellites as a stepping stone to working the
> Linears..almost how the Novice Ham license was intended.

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