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Re: Bob's Message

> Dave Guimont wrote:
>>>The reason for Echo (a two-user FM voice) escapes me also, Greg.
>>>To me, money down the tubes...
> I'll  agree with that one also,  a whole bird with one "Channel"  seems 
> like a HUGE waste.  Cool?  Yeah,,  but single user uh,,  nah.

I respectfully disagree. I'm very happy to get involved with birds for 
the second time, thanks to Echo. There was a time when I had an IC-820H, 
Yaesu dual axis rotors, HyGain(?) CPs for 2m & 70cm. It was all just a 
bit much. This was (probably) before MacDoppler so I was struggling with 
tracking and predictions. It sure was cool looking but I never got my 
use out of it. Sold the stuff for a song. Not a good song either!

Getting my feet wet...again...with an Arrow and my FT-817ND and/or 
FT-470 is perfect for my current situation! I wouldn't be on this list 
if it were not for the FM birds.

If no one else will stand up for them, I will! Not arguing the value of 
HEOs but my sincere thanks to those who made the LEOs possible!

If it gets more people involved, why not? If it keeps them around for 
HEOs, isn't that good? "Real soon now" I'd love to take a stab at AO-7 
with my setup + extra bits (preamp, maybe a bigger antenna.), correct 
modes of course. Will I get many complaints if I only shoot 5w, CW/SSB, 
at AO-7 from my LEO rig???? I'm really a 20m guy. (Well, what else can 
you do with 5w when you're mobile?)

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