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Re: Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Thank you for the time you take to express your views.
This is EXACTLY what we need!

On Dec 13, 2007, at 12:49 AM, Fred A Parker wrote:

> First in my original post I wanted to stimulate a debate on the  
> feasibility of Phase 4.   I received to many e-mail's off line to  
> count all afraid to say anything on the bb.   Everyone supporting  
> my opinion not one negative, thank you all for the support.   I did  
> also receive emails from Rick Hambly and Robert McGuire attesting  
> to my lack of intellectual capacity.  (attack the messenger not the  
> message) In his Email to me Mr. McQwier also challenged me to  
> submit a resolution to the BOD and he would second it.   My plans  
> are to take him up on it.   I actually plan on submitting two off  
> them.
>    First:  To form a committee of amateurs in and out of Amsat with  
> technical skills to asses the viability of SDR.   The number one  
> reason for this is after three years I have not been able to find  
> one instance where anyone has produced a working SDR transponder.    
> Second:   One night recently while talking on two meter ssb to a  
> local retired ham, a retired collage professor with a PHD.    Who  
> rights his own SDR software.   When explaining what Amsat was  
> trying to do his words were good luck.   If this SDR is such a good  
> thing those behind it should welcome a full per review and prove me  
> wrong.
>     Second:   To form a committee of hams to survey hams both in  
> and out of Amsat on what they want in a future satellite.    With  
> the goal of bringing in new hams for increasing membership in Amsat.
> This is my opinion and I feel free to express it because over the  
> last three years I have donated at least $30,000.00 US dollars in  
> CNC Machine shop work to Amsat. Especially to the Eagle project.    
> As I see it now the project actually has gone backward.  How would  
> you feel if you spent a whole winter working on the Eagle Module's  
> pro bono and just because you did not agree with something that  
> your intelligence would be attacked.   I just got off Eagle Pedia  
> and could not find updated mechanical drawings as the old design  
> has been scrapped.   I want again to state this is my opinion.   It  
> is my believe that Rick Hambly and his phase 4 are just a diversion  
> to cover up his past failures with the hardware and software for  
> present projects.   How does Amsat realistically plan on paying for  
> such a project that when I confronted him via email that he did not  
> deny would cost a minimum of $5 million dollars.  As for the rest,  
> it is being covered pretty well on this bb.
> Fred
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