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Project Oscar Anniversary

Come on gang, where is everybody?  I was alone on  VO52 this am, an 
signals were very strong, but talking to myself about GB0O1.....

I made 4 contacts on AO51 yesterday...the anniversary date...

I was fortunate that I made contact on VO52 with Rick, WA4NVM on 
VO52....Now I have an AO7 contact to make to complete the circuit...

Perhaps I am more emotionally involved...I personally knew three of 
the designers and builders of Oscar 1, thru low band contacts with 
them....I was on active duty in a Squadron on an aircraft carrier so 
I had no chance to actively participate, other than to encourage 
those three individuals...The three of them are now cq'ing from above....

My first chance to set up a station was Oscar 7, and subsequently got 
to meet all three in person...Harley Gabrielson lived here in San 
Diego, and saw him often throughout the years....

It is certainly a highlite in AMATEUR SATELLITE RADIO, it was Project 
Oscar at the time, became AMSAT, and now it seems AMSAT-NA cares not 
to acknowledge the facts,

Kudos to Rob G8ATE, in Jolly Old, for initiating...


             GB ZERO OSCAR ONE the callsign for five days to 
commemorate the launch of O1 and celebrate PROJECT OSCAR...

Come on guys, get in the act!!

Don't forget the Genesis of all AMSATS, and a means, in my mind, to 
promote peace in a small but meaningful way....

            73, Dave, WB6LLO

                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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